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SkyPunch Technologies is a trusted cloud solution and implementation provider. – Alex Kilroy, Founder & Senior Advisor

Our philosophy revolves around technology being a tool that aids business. Too often we see organisations whose IT environments are ineffective, inefficient and expensive – that fail to serve the required purpose. When used to its best advantage, a strategy that encompasses cloud will add significant value to an organisation.

SkyPunch Technologies’ services are positioned to help your organisation increase the value created through the use of technology.

The capital costs required in setting up an IT environment efficient and flexible enough to see significant value creation have traditionally restricted these services to large organisations with large budgets. SkyPunch is changing this.

SkyPunch has partnered with a number of leading premium service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand to seamlessly integrate a number of individual products and services to create incredibly efficient hybrid and private clouds.


New contact points for all clients

As a result of the merge between SkyPunch Technologies and WebAlive, some contact points have changed.
From 1 August 2017, please use these new methods.