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The next generation of SME IT and IT services.

The next generation of SME IT and IT services by Alex Kilroy / November 10, 2016

Until very recently, we have lived for decades in a world full of technology for its own sake. You know that world: technologies called mainframes, min-computers, PC’s, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBX’s, etc. These were considered necessary for businesses to function.

In this model, SME’s received their technologies from resellers called VARs (Value-Added Reseller), SIs (Systems Integrator), Interconnects (Telephony VAR) who delivered and maintained this on-premises tech. There wasn’t much in terms of solutions that focused on the business goals and objectives of the buyers, now called “business outcomes.” Today, we have cloud computing and the Modern MSP (Managed Services Provider) instead.

The Modern MSP is much more than a technology reseller; the Modern MSP provides an integrated portfolio of cloud solutions combined with managed services that bring significant business value to the SME.  

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Why you should seriously consider the Cloud.

Why you should seriously consider the Cloud by Alex Kilroy / September 12, 2016

We've noticed a significant increase in the popularity of Microsoft’s cloud suite, Office 365, both in the Exchange Online portion and as a cloud, licensing and collaboration suite. Why, you maybe thinking; the answer is simple - the value is there.

Recently we've been discussing with clients why they should seriously consider the cloud rather than their on-premises environment, and why they should opt for Office 365 rather than Google Apps. These are important questions, and there are significant factors to consider when deciding which way to go.

We touched a few of these factors in our previous post How ‘as a Service’ allows you to get ahead.

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How ‘as a Service’ allows you to get ahead.

Software as a Service by Alex Kilroy / January 11, 2016

The cloud has revolutionised the way businesses use IT and has reduced the cost significantly.

One of the key advantages of the cloud is the ability to scale vertically or horizontally with next to zero notice, allowing for rapid growth – or to reduce resources when they’re no longer needed.

Traditionally to scale up, infrastructure needs to be provisioned, which can take a significant amount of time and resources.

The cloud gives organisations access to almost infinite capacity without having to provision more hardware, increase underlying storage capacity, or purchase more licenses... and the list goes on.

Another feature of the infinite scaling capacity of the cloud is the ability to use Software as a Service. Traditionally, if a medium-sized business wanted to implement an Exchange Server as an email solution, the capital outlay to cover hardware, storage, archiving, software, licenses, DR, continuity plans and professional services would be significant – typically over $50,000. The associated maintenance costs would be significant too. For many organisations, that sort of outlay for an individual service just isn’t feasible.

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Cyber Security - The Missed Step

Cyber Security by Alex Kilroy / December 11, 2015

Cyber security breaches are becoming all too common. Only a few weeks ago we heard about the Aussie Farmers Direct security breach, where personal details of more than 5,000 customers were posted on the Internet. Probably the most well-known breach of 2015 was Ashley Madison.

Ian McKenzie, former Director of the Australian Signals Directorate (formerly Defence Signals Directorate), the Australian electronic intelligence agency, warned that top business executives don’t fully appreciate the complexity and danger of the threats from evolving cyber security risks.

The Australian Signals Directorate has a vital role to play in Australia’s cyber and information security. It is the Commonwealth authority for information security. With McKenzie’s 30+ year career in defence and intelligence, he is well qualified to advise on the cyber security threats we are facing.

One of the big questions for 2016 is, whether it will be any different to 2015. Unfortunately it won’t change much. Users will still click on malicious links. Hackers will still attempt to attack. And the misery and media scrutiny associated with breaches will be as bad as ever. What matters most is whether your organisation will be a victim. Of course you could do nothing, and be lucky. But the only way to control your fate is to lead your organisation to high ground based on a well-considered, security-first strategy.

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