If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

by Lao Tzu

Cyber Security - The Missed Step

Cyber security breaches are becoming all too common. Only a few weeks ago we heard about the Aussie Farmers Direct security breach, where personal details of more than 5,000 customers were posted on the Internet. Probably the most well-known breach of 2015 was Ashley Madison.

Ian McKenzie, former Director of the Australian Signals Directorate (formerly Defence Signals Directorate), the Australian electronic intelligence agency, warned that top business executives don’t fully appreciate the complexity and danger of the threats from evolving cyber security risks.

The Australian Signals Directorate has a vital role to play in Australia’s cyber and information security. It is the Commonwealth authority for information security. With McKenzie’s 30+ year career in defence and intelligence, he is well qualified to advise on the cyber security threats we are facing.

One of the big questions for 2016 is, whether it will be any different to 2015. Unfortunately it won’t change much. Users will still click on malicious links. Hackers will still attempt to attack. And the misery and media scrutiny associated with breaches will be as bad as ever. What matters most is whether your organisation will be a victim. Of course you could do nothing, and be lucky. But the only way to control your fate is to lead your organisation to high ground based on a well-considered, security-first strategy.

James Kaplan (a Principal at McKinsey & Co) surveyed 200 senior executives about their current cyber security experiences and what common issues they are facing. From McKinsey’s research, it is clear that cyber security is starting to get more traction. Senior executives are feeling an “increasing level of concern”, and protecting critical information assets is becoming a strategic issue.

Information Technology executives feel they are falling behind attackers. It is clear from evidence that attackers are adapting to the protocols organisations are putting in place faster than the organisations can further adapt.

SkyPunch Technologies is finding that IT Security is often just a small department within an organisation. This department is to the side of the ICT department and its role is to advise and implement security upgrades to organisation’s current infrastructure. This is a problem. Security shouldn’t be an ‘on the top’ approach, like icing on a cake, where it is an addition to your current infrastructure and ICT protocols. Security needs to become an integrated business process, woven into the fabric of your systems protocols, and initially requiring input from all areas of the business.

SkyPunch Technologies' solutions have always had a security-first strategy. For medium size organisations, our integrated private cloud solutions have been popular as they allow for robust security and intrusion prevention systems.

by Alex Kilroy / December 11, 2015

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