Cloud Security

Security must always be a priority. So embrace a security first strategy.

Security First!

Cloud usage delivers higher levels of security on three principal dimensions.

Firstly, infrastructure is physically more secure – often more secure than would otherwise be achieved with on-premises equipment. Infrastructure is located in high security data centres with extensive physical security and redundancy.

Regulatory compliance is a critical factor for a number of organisations. Cloud providers have addressed this in a number of ways. These include:

  • Independent certification of industry standard regulations, such as PCI compliance;
  • Taking advantage of isolated resources, dedicated hardware, identity and access management; and
  • Granular logging that can be used both for troubleshooting and for compliance auditing.

Cloud infrastructure enables the building of truly fault tolerant networks. Providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have numerous locations globally, allowing for compressive redundancy in the highly unlikely event of an outage as well as ensuring data compliance in certain jurisdictions.

The end result, when utilising cloud environments with comprehensive security and redundancy policies and procedures, is the likelihood of having security breach or even an infrastructure outage is an order of magnitude lower than would otherwise be possible with on-premises equipment.

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Our Latest Thinking.

Why you should seriously consider the Cloud

The next generation of SMB IT and IT services.

Until very recently, we have lived for decades in a world full of technology for its own sake. You know that world: technologies called mainframes, min-computers, PC’s, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBX’s, etc. These were considered necessary for businesses to function.

In this model, SMB’s received their technologies from resellers called VARs (Value-Added Reseller), SIs (Systems Integrator), Interconnects (Telephony VAR) who delivered and maintained this on-premises tech. There wasn’t much in terms of solutions that focused on the business goals and objectives of the buyers, now called “business outcomes.” Today, we have cloud computing and the Modern MSP (Managed Services Provider) instead.

The Modern MSP is much more than a technology reseller; the Modern MSP provides an integrated portfolio of cloud solutions combined with managed services that bring significant business value to the SMB.  



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