Software as a Service

Take advantage of the cloud and get access to almost
infinite capacity to maximise business value.

Enable mobility with SaaS.

For organisations large and small, the accessibility of leading technology solutions has never been greater. Not only is it more accessible, it has significantly reduced the total cost of ownership, increased efficiencies and has far greater scalability.

Software-as-a-Service, also known as SaaS, allows businesses to significantly decrease their capital investment in common infrastructure services required by many organisations. In doing so they significantly increasing value businesses derive from it.

Essentially, SaaS is a centralised service purchasing model, where the Software and Infrastructure management it outsourced to a service provider such as Microsoft. It allows an organisation to remove IT management overheads whilst increasing the business value derived. An organisation can simply order the quantity of a service on a per user basis and increase or decrease at any given time.

Common Benefits Organisations Derive from SaaS:

  • Frequently, organisations notice significant returns on smaller investments in SaaS relatively quickly, often within months vs. the years it could take with traditional environments.
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Instilling the concept of agility throughout an organisation.
  • The adoption of SaaS models, often allows for far greater integration with other applications and systems, some on-premises others SaaS too or even third party tools. This can significantly increase workforce efficiencies removing and often automating manual tasks.
  • Users can work and collaborate securely from remote environments. Allowing organisations pursue mobile workforce strategies.
  • Greater flexibility for organisations and IT systems to support global growth and expansions with limited dependencies on specific locations.
  • Outsourced need for specific, highly skilled, engineers maintaining critical services. These skills can be redirected to higher value creating roles.
  • Outsourced need to manage updates and patches fostering sustained innovation and speedy adoption of new capabilities.
  • Rapid deployment and management capabilities to immediately meet organisation and industry compliance.
  • Immediate access to industry leading datacenter and high availability techniques.
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Our Latest Thinking.

Why you should seriously consider the Cloud

The next generation of SMB IT and IT services.

Until very recently, we have lived for decades in a world full of technology for its own sake. You know that world: technologies called mainframes, min-computers, PC’s, laptops, networking gear, big software, PBX’s, etc. These were considered necessary for businesses to function.

In this model, SMB’s received their technologies from resellers called VARs (Value-Added Reseller), SIs (Systems Integrator), Interconnects (Telephony VAR) who delivered and maintained this on-premises tech. There wasn’t much in terms of solutions that focused on the business goals and objectives of the buyers, now called “business outcomes.” Today, we have cloud computing and the Modern MSP (Managed Services Provider) instead.

The Modern MSP is much more than a technology reseller; the Modern MSP provides an integrated portfolio of cloud solutions combined with managed services that bring significant business value to the SMB.  



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