Our Support Services.

Our team loves to help. So if you have a question, lets us know.

Our Support Services.

SkyPunch Technologies is 100% committed to providing the best possible products and services. In doing so we occasionally need to run updates, security patches and make other changes to our network to ensure its performance. Before contacting our support team, please ensure we haven't already registered a maintenance period on our System Status page.

To best serve our clients, our support services vary throughout the day. Please select the time of day that best represents your current situation.

During business hours, the best way to get in touch is to follow these simple steps.

  1. Submit a support ticket by emailing . This allows us to have the right person looking into your issue immediately. Please ensure you include your customer number. If you are still experiencing issues, proceed to step 2.
  2. Phone our office on +61 3 9024 8211 and quote the ticket number from your initial email. A representative will be able to provide an update on the status of your ticket. In many circumstances they will be able to continue to assist you over the phone.

If you are experiencing issues after hours, we would encourage you follow these steps to ensure your issue is rectified as efficiently as possible.

  1. Submit a support ticket by emailing . Please ensure you include your customer number. Our email support is constantly monitored. A representative will get in contact to assist you. Should day break and you are still experiencing issues, please follow our Business Hours support steps.

Please use the following tools when requested to by a service desk team member. When requested, please provide the 9 digit identification number and unique one-time password.

SkyPunch Technologies, in most cases, only sends 1 invoice, per month, to each client. Invoices are sent on the either the first calendar day or first business day of the month and due 14 days later. The items billed on each invoice can be for different months. For example, on an invoice sent on 1 December, this would include products for the month of December e.g. Premium Managed Hosting. However, on the same invoice would be the total billable hours for November. This is the case as we can not accurately anticipate the on-demand hours required for each client, each month.

If you have any Billing or Account enquiries, please contact the relevant teams via the follow procedure.

All Invoices have strict 14 day payment terms, as per our terms and conditions, on all products an services.

If you require a payment extension, or have any other question relating to your bill, please contact us using the following procedure.

  • Our Accounts Receivable team can be contacted by emailing .
  • Alternatively you can phone our office on +61 3 9024 8211 and we would be more than happy to assist.

If you are a supplier, have submitted your invoice as per our directions and are awaiting payment, we have one Accounts Payable run per month. This can occur on slightly different days each month depending on certain variables.

For new suppliers, please ensure you have filled out our supplier form and returned it to our Accounts Payable team.

For further enquiries, please contact us using the following details

  • Our Accounts Payable team can be contact by emailing .

New contact points for all clients

As a result of the merge between SkyPunch Technologies and WebAlive, some contact points have changed.
From 1 August 2017, please use these new methods.